Loyalty case study: how Z is boosting sales and repeat visits with Infinity

Z Energy has been using the Infinity unified commerce platform since 2015 to manage more than 80 million annual sales across 350 Z and Caltex retail sites, as well as in 100 commercial sites.

This case study shares how Z is now using Infinity for its new Pumped loyalty programme to create more compelling offerings for customers, build a competitive advantage and lower customer acquisition and retention costs.


Andy Stewart, Owner of Site Systems Platforms at Z, explains that the launch of Pumped was a huge success: 

“The transaction volume and number of new customers created were unprecedented. Week on week, we have continued to increase our loyalty volume within the Caltex network.”

Dan Coffey, Z’s Marketing Strategy Manager, says that its new  loyalty solution is just the beginning: 

“Infinity is the cornerstone of our future innovation and Pumped has the ability to go much deeper than the first iteration we’ve delivered. We’re looking forward to using our new platform to give our customers valuable rewards that keep them coming back for more.”

Welcome to Bridged IT Services, our new New Zealand channel partner

We’re pleased to welcome Bridged IT Services to help us support Infinity customers even better throughout New Zealand. 

The Bridged IT Services team will introduce more retailers and fuel suppliers to Infinity with their end-to-end service that includes Infinity licencing, installation, maintenance and first level support through their 24/7 help desk and agents around the country. They’ll offer a package complete with software, hardware, payments and IT.


“We’ve been working with fuel supply customers for several years now and when I saw Infinity, I was really impressed with its simplicity combined with its level of detail. It’s far ahead of other systems, and as we start to talk to retailers in other industries, we know Infinity will be best for them,” says Gurjit Singh, CEO at Bridged IT. “We’re looking forward to helping retailers unify point of sale, inventory and order management for better customer service and experience.” 


Kelly Brown, Triquestra CEO says, “Bridged IT Services is a well-established company with a track record of great customer service and high-availability support. We’re thrilled with this new channel partnership and how it will help us reach new clients and offer even better support to current clients.”

Challenge gets up and running with Infinity in a few short weeks

A group of Challenge service stations is now using Infinity unified commerce platform, after a fast rollout.


Nine Challenge service stations located around the country and owned by nine individual businesses gave us a big challenge: Understand our requirements and get Infinity up and running in 6 weeks. We had this deadline because the existing system was reaching its end of life. Add in the Christmas holiday break and we had even less time to scope the project, configure Infinity, test and deploy to the sites.


A high feature fit + centralised data + great support = success

Infinity has a configuration and built-in features specifically for fuel and convenience stores so there was no change required to get Infinity up and running. Infinity is intuitive and fast for staff to learn and it processes sales very quickly so customers can be in and out with no fuss.


In addition to point of sale, Challenge is using Infinity to unify inventory and pricing and promotions data. This visibility lets owners see which items are selling so they can stock more accurately and confidently offer relevant promotions. Behind the scenes, Infinity integrates with Xero and Reckon to automate general ledger transactions.

Our partner, ECL Group, managed the rollout and provide ongoing support backed by Triquestra’s 24/7 support.

Sandra Frazer of Challenge Darfield sums up the deployment best:

“We have recently installed Infinity on our site and we just love it. It is so simple to use and all of our staff took to it like ducks to water. Our install was the week before Christmas and staff were literally thrown in the deep end, as the first time they saw Infinity was when we went live. ECL Group’s training was very clear and easy to follow. The thing I love most about Infinity is that it is very quick to process a sale which is so important in a busy site like ours.”