There’s a lot of data in a retail business analytics


Particularly when you combine digital and physical channels. So knowing what to measure and how to extract insightful business intelligence is as crucial as doing the analysis itself.


Infinity Corporate Performance Management (CPM) uses the Salient technology suite for turning large amounts and disparate sources of data into insight that informs the actions users can take to improve your bottom line.

Salient Data Management

Infinity CPM combines sales, inventory and customer data from all your retail channels and comes pre-set with standard retail KPIs that are important performance indicators. It’s everything your team needs to optimise inventory, price and promote effectively, segment and engage customers.



For further information about the retail specific KPIs and analyses in Infinity CPM please download our whitepaper here.


Easily integrate with external data

Drive better performance
Infinity CPM
Cost effective analytics

Infinity CPM gives you a more complete picture of performance and drivers by combining relevant external data sources with your transactional data. Integration with third party systems and causal data is fast and cost effective. 

Salient and Infinity RMS

Infinity CPM is powered by Salient Management Company, a worldwide provider of advanced performance management and decision support systems for a wide range of industries and the public sector. Find out more at


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