Order management has never been this simple or transparent


Your customers expect an easy purchase process, convenient delivery and collection options and stress-free returns. To maximise profit in delivering this customer experience, you need a single view of inventory and the ability to fulfil orders from anywhere within your business.


Consolidate sales and inventory

Whether connected to a third party eCommerce system, or the Infinity unified commerce platform, Infinity consolidates sales and inventory across physical, online and mobile channels and supports a range of fulfilment options.  

Single view of stock

Single view of stock leads to higher returns

Infinity’s order management system lets you consolidate your inventory from all locations – warehouse, individual store, on order – and make it available to sell anywhere, at any time by website, store or call centre staff. You’ll increase gross margins while reducing your average inventory holding.


Inventory by Channel

Make sure inventory is in the right place at the right time

Infinity users can easily allocate inventory by channel based on retail seasons, geographic locations and where/when your shoppers are most likely to want to engage with you. 


Fulfilment Options

Improve profitability by fulfilling orders the way customers want

With Infinity, your inventory, order and customer data is unified. So when an order comes in from any channel, you can offer a range of fulfilment options based on the rules you set up. Click-and-collect, store-to-door delivery, drop shipping and ‘endless aisle’ fulfilment are all possible. You choose what’s best for customers and most profitable for you.


Increase foot traffic

Increase foot traffic and decrease delivery costs

With Infinity, you can give customers direct access to your inventory, creating a superior experience. They can look online to see which stores are carrying the item they want and then, through click-and-collect, either purchase or reserve that item. When the customer visits a store, they’ll know that what they want is available for pick up and you can encourage them to buy more than what they came for. 


Easy Returns

Return anywhere

Increase your online conversion and customer confidence with Infinity’s simple and cost effective return process capability. By enabling returns in store, no matter how the item was purchased, you minimise handling costs and can flag returned inventory as available for the next cross-channel customer. With Infinity, you can manage the entire return process including return payment transactions, price validation, inventory re-allocations, notifications and customer record updating. 


Infinity's unified commerce platform expertise