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When beer, wine and liquor products, trends and tastes change so fast, you need a liquor store point of sale system that keeps up. With the Infinity unified commerce platform as your liquor store software, you’ll have better inventory management than ever before and offer your customers more personalised experiences every time they shop with you.

Liquor Store POS
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Infinity’s real-time, centralised data turns liquor store POS into so much more

Liquor store POS


Amazing inventory management

With Infinity, you’ve got a single view of all your inventory in real-time and it's accessible by anyone on your team, anywhere. Ordering, receipting and allocating products is super-simple. You can change pricing and offer promotions based on demand at different locations, to showcase the latest trends or to head off a competitor’s offer.


Track every product to maximise sales opportunities and increase revenue

Hundreds or thousands of SKUs are no problem for Infinity. Sell by the bottle, box or case with ease. Track best sellers as well as aged stock and slow-moving items to ensure you’ve got the right inventory available without carrying the cost of overstocking.



React faster with demand forecasting

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is part of the Infinity unified commerce platform and lets you monitor every aspect of your operation. Forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal requirements to better plan your inventory levels, price points and promotion frequency.


Free your staff to focus on your customers

Infinity’s point of sale functionality makes selling easy, and includes age verification prompts to remind staff to check customer IDs. Plus, all saved customer data and loyalty information is available at any terminal or device. So staff can spend more time chatting with customers about the latest IPA instead of dealing with transaction mechanics. And when they do get to the till, staff can check loyalty status and past purchases to offer customers personalised recommendations, instant rewards or loyalty discounts.



Improve the online experience

Infinity’s powerful inventory and order management lets you offer mixed cases or complementary product bundles (like gin and tonic) online. Complexity is our specialty. Customers can track their order from any device and you can fulfil by delivery or click-and-collect - whatever suits the customer and your profitability best.


Offer endless aisle fulfilment for premium products

To keep inventory of expensive or limited edition products to a minimum, Infinity lets you offer ‘endless aisle’ fulfilment. For example, if a customer visits one shop asking for a certain whiskey but that store doesn’t have it, a staff member can order the product from another store and have it delivered to the address or store of the customer’s choice.


Build education and order capability into an app

The Infinity platform really shines when you build its features into a mobile app. Let your customers browse, buy and update their details on the go, with all data integrating with the Infinity platform. We can build an app for you, or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.


Rely on Infinity to get going quickly

Infinity has been developed and enhanced over 20 years to be easy to use - a real benefit when staff turnover can be high. A training mode lets staff learn as they go, helping them gain confidence quickly. You can easily add terminals and mobile devices quickly when you want to scale up for busy times. And it’s robust enough to handle the big sales of a weekend or holiday period.


24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.


“Our employees now have all of the functionality they need and it’s very quick. From the user’s point of view it’s very simple: scan the product, take the money and the rest takes care of itself. This allows us to focus on the customer’s needs and not just process the transaction.” 

Ian Caulfield, Group Finance and IS Manager, The Trusts

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