The fuel point of sale system that drives greater convenience for your customers

If you’re a fuel and convenience retailer, you know that transaction speed is key to happy customers. The Infinity unified commerce platform and Fuel POS System gives your customers the fast payment processing they’re after, plus a personalised customer experience, a reliably superior inventory range and mobile app opportunities that will put you kilometres ahead of your competition.

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"The thing I love most about Infinity is that it is very quick to process a sale which is so important in a busy site like ours.”

Sandra Frazer, Manager, Challenge

“What we have now is a faster system, which means we can serve customers faster. No one likes to stand in queues so this helps reduce them and helps our people provide even better customer service.”

Mark Forsyth, General Manager Retail, Z Energy

“We want to see transactional data on a more timely basis. Infinity can give us the accurate, up-to-the minute reporting on trends and campaign effectiveness that we haven’t had before."

Kim Woodgate, Retail Manager, Caltex

Experience the power of Infinity’s fuel POS software at the pump, in-store and at head office

Here’s how Infinity helps you manage the individual complexities of forecourt, retail and fast food operations, all from one platform.

Fuel POS


Very fast payment processing at the pump and in-store to keep customers moving

Process transactions faster and error-free with our easy-to-use POS software interface. The Infinity platform lets you integrate with outdoor payment terminals or payment apps to get your customers moving again quickly.


Integration with market-leading forecourt controllers  

Infinity integrates with forecourt controllers from companies such as Enabler and Postec so you can manage wet stock and authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock pumps all from your Infinity POS system. The Infinity API makes integrations with new forecourt controllers very easy.



A strong convenience store focus

Manage many product SKUs, including your coffee and cafe-style food offerings. Demand planning and inventory management tools ensure you always have the right product in the right place. Flexible cash reconciliation means you can balance by day or by shift.


Price and promotion management

You can set fuel and convenience store prices as and when you like - to beat the competition, for different times of day and for different locations. You can also test out retail pricing and promotion strategies across your locations to determine what works best where. If you have a fuel voucher programme, Infinity can help you manage that too.



An exceptionally personalised customer experience

Infinity Loyalty gives you a 360 degree view of your customers as all information is captured and stored in one database. You can recognise customers consistently wherever they shop with you, and offer personalised prices and promotions.


Real time analytics and in-depth reporting

With Corporate Performance Management (CPM) as part of the Infinity unified commerce platform, you can monitor every aspect of your operation. View sales by time of day and employee, oversee inventory movements, check the profitability of promotions, monitor staff performance and much more. Then turn that data into valuable insight to increase sales and offer even better customer experiences.



24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.


Give your customers the fuel app they really want

The Infinity platform does so much more than fuel retail POS and really shines when you build its features into a mobile app. Your customers can be recognised when they arrive at your forecourt, they can pay from the app, ‘click and collect’ coffee, food and car wash orders, see their loyalty points accumulate at each visit, and much more. Everything that gives them a great customer experience and gets them back on the road faster.

We can build an app for you or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.

POS Interface


“From the system going live on-site, the POS has worked a dream.”

Marc Brocherie, Site Manager, Bishopdale Service Station, Caltex


The Infinity unified commerce platform does it all for your fuel business