Make better inventory management decisions with Infinity


Once you use Infinity for optimising inventory, you won’t know how you managed without it. By simplifying both planning and execution, Infinity helps you increase return on inventory and maximise sales opportunities.

Control Inventory

View, move and control inventory in real-time

With Infinity, you can maintain vendor and purchase information either centrally or by store and consolidate your position. Infinity’s stock take simplifies the counting process and provides you with real-time updates. Easily locate and move inventory with stock transfers and adjustments. Track the return of damaged, faulty or unsold consignment stock to suppliers. And gain real-time item availability to determine projected ship dates.  

Inventory Order

React smarter and faster to demand changes

Infinity lets you make better decisions about what inventory to order and how to distribute it amongst your warehouses, call centres, and physical, mobile and online stores. You can forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal variations. Plus real-time visibility of inventory trends, costs and locations means you can react and predict changes quickly.


Customer Value

Shared pricing reduces complexity and admin time

Since pricing is so key for increasing customer value, moving inventory and maximising profit, Infinity has been designed to give you total control. Its advanced pricing and promotions management functionality lets you execute seemingly limitless pricing strategies including those with a wholesale or trade component. And with Infinity, pricing is shared across all channels so customers can trust that they’ll see the same price whether they shop with you in-store, online or in the field.

Corporate Performance Management

Hit your targets with smart, effective promotions

With the power of Infinity CPM (Corporate Performance Management) behind you, you’ll gain great insights for smarter marketing. Such as the most effective products to promote and the frequency at which to run promotions. You can test price points, find outliers, and confidently remove items from inventory if they’re not performing. 

Infinity is ready to serve your retail needs


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