Infinity makes department store management easy

Have many departments and products? Want your inventory to be up-to-date in-store and online all the time? Need a system that’s scalable for full retail spaces or store-within-a-store concession spaces? Use Infinity as your department store POS software and gain all this control in a real-time, easy-to-use platform.

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Optimise inventory and serve customers better than ever

Optimize Inventory


Incredible inventory management

Infinity can handle all your SKUs - whether you’ve got hundreds or thousands. Ordering, receipting and allocating products is simple and you can conduct mobile stocktakes with mobile phones, tablets or your POS device. Plus real-time sales and inventory reports give you immediate knowledge of best-selling and slower moving products.


Highly detailed customisation

Infinity supports all your departments and their nuances. You can offer all the apparel colours, sizes and styles your customers want. If you sell furniture, customers can choose couch A with fabric B and cushion C. Infinity is just as adaptable for health and beauty products, homeware, electronics, food and gifts.



React faster with demand forecasting

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is part of the Infinity unified commerce platform and lets you monitor every aspect of your operation. Forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal requirements to better plan your inventory levels, price points and promotion frequency.


Consistent, scalable and robust

Whether your department stores are wholly-owned, franchised or store-in-a-store concessions, the Infinity unified commerce platform is the only retail system you need. Because it’s a platform, you can easily connect to outside systems and pull information into your hub. Previous channel limitations or system incompatibilities are a thing of the past.



Fulfilment flexibility -
including endless aisle

Click-and-collect, deliver store-to-door, manufacturer-to-door, warehouse-to-door - all these fulfilment options are possible with Infinity. You choose what’s best for customers and most profitable for you. Infinity also supports endless aisle fulfilment which gives your sales associates or in-store kiosks the ability to sell items even when those items are out of stock at the store. The customer can order any product they want and get it delivered to the address of their choice.


Offer a much more rewarding customer experience

Infinity gives you a single view of customer data that’s viewable online and at each POS, including anywhere on the shop floor. Every website click, app tap, call centre discussion and in-store transaction is captured in one place so you’ve got amazing insight on each customer. You can then create personalised offers and loyalty experiences based on what they almost bought, what they purchased in the past and what they might like to try. And greet them online and in-store in a more personal fashion.



Get going quickly

Infinity has been developed and enhanced over 20 years to be easy to use - a real benefit when you’ve got many products and staff turnover can be high. A training mode lets staff learn as they go, helping them gain confidence quickly. And you can easily add terminals and mobile devices quickly when you want to scale up for busy times.


24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.

“The Infinity inventory management software has a support team that is very eager to help and to support our business. We are very pleased with how Infinity has performed.”

Ed Lee, IT & Operations Manager at STORM


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Infinity unified commerce: the whole package for department stores