When you use Infinity for your agribusiness POS, the complex becomes simple


Serving a rural customer base with differing and complex needs demands a point of sale and inventory management system that can take whatever you throw its way. The Infinity unified commerce platform helps you optimise inventory to reduce costs and better understand your customers’ businesses so you can provide great service every time. You can sell in-store, online, on-farm or at trade shows with Infinity. And it easily integrates with your existing systems.


Infinity seamlessly optimises inventory, orders and fulfilment in one agribusiness POS system

We’ve been working with farm and rural community retailers for years and have built agribusiness-specific tools into the already robust Infinity unified commerce platform.



Sell the way your customers want to buy

With the Infinity platform as your hub, customers can buy wherever they are: in-store, online, at trade shows and from their visiting or call centre rep. Infinity handles cash sales and charge-to-account sales - in the same transaction if required. And you can fulfil orders in numerous ways. Say a farmer places a fencing order. They can take the nails while you deliver the posts. And get you to charge half the price to them, half to their neighbour. All permutations are possible with Infinity.


Meet the needs of your community

When someone is buying a dangerous or restricted item like a firearm or chemicals, Infinity knows to prompt your staff to ask for the correct licence information and print regulation documentation. Infinity also lets you configure product composition. For example, if a customer wants a fertiliser or seed mix made up of differing levels of ingredients, you can create an order that goes directly to your supplier to make up as specified.


Rely on accurate pricing and order management

By centralising all data, your staff and customers can view past transactions, generate repeat orders and track orders as they progress from purchase to delivery. Infinity’s advanced pricing functionality also lets you set up rules-based and contract pricing that’s viewable by any staff member, anywhere, on any device.


React faster with demand forecasting

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is part of the Infinity unified commerce platform and lets you monitor every aspect of your operation. Forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal requirements to better plan your inventory levels, maximise return and minimise overstocking.


Offer more on-farm services

Infinity has a Mobile Quotes & Orders app that lets you provide quotes and take charge-to-account orders anywhere. So you can visit a farmer and place their order that can be accessed and converted in-store or by your suppliers. We can build an app for you or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.


Get going quickly and be ready for anything

Infinity has been developed and enhanced over 20 years to be easy to use. A training mode lets staff learn as they go, helping them gain confidence quickly. You can easily add fixed POS terminals and operate your point of sale from tablets or smartphones - especially useful during busy mornings when customers come in to pick up their click-and-collect orders. And Infinity can meet the challenges of remote locations and terrains by operating in an ‘offline’ mode if there are network issues.


24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.



“Infinity POS is a very reliable and easy to use POS application for what our business needs. It is an integral part of how we do business. Triquestra understand our situation really well, and demonstrate they are a good partner for us.”

Richard Dias, Landmark’s Service Delivery Manager for SAP & POS.


“Farm Source’s POS needs are quite complex because of our mix of retail and service offerings. We want our customers to be able to buy what they need, get accurate advice and recommendations, and have a great experience with us every time

Kevin Shaw, Fonterra Farm Source Chief Financial Officer

Optimise inventory and reduce costs with unified commerce