Infinity release

We’re always making Infinity better and this latest release includes API enhancements, new reports and new inventory capabilities to improve the experience you offer your customers. Find out more below, or

Infinity is a modular platform and you may require additional components or licencing to access some functionality.



  • Support for automated inventory sourcing, so store users just need to create the order and Infinity can determine the optimal inventory source from which to fulfil.


  • Support now for SQL 2016 SP 1 and SQL 2017: Deploy with the latest and greatest Microsoft databases.


  • More cluster enhancements:
    • Restrict branch transfers to branches within its own cluster
    • Manage users by cluster
    • Drill down by cluster


Master data

  • Create, search, update and delete
    • Suppliers
    • People
    • Sites
    • Product hierarchy
  • Search
    • Products
    • Alternate products / barcodes
    • Custom fields

Static data

  • Get inventory by site, by product or by product list
    • On hand
    • On order
    • Allocated
    • Available
  • Loyalty
  • Program membership
  • Available offers and rewards


  • Cart / Basket
    • Pricing calculation and validation
    • Product
    • Site
    • People
  • Create and update
    • Quotes
    • Orders
    • Sales in voices
  • Cancel
    • Orders
    • Order lines
    • Quotes
  • Place order deposit and payment
  • Mark order as dispatched and generate an invoice


  • New promotional effectiveness report for rules based pricing: Analyse how products performed in a promotion so you can make them even more effective in the future.

Performance optimisation

  • These reports now run even faster
    • Stock Movement Summary
    • Product Performance
    • Sales and Gross Net Profitability Report
    • Rules Based Pricing Audit
  • You can limit customer search at POS to the customers’ home branch to optimise search speed.


  • New weigh scale integration: Support for CAS PD-II rs232
  • Upgrade to Forecourt integration for Enabler version 4: compatible with the latest release of Enabler


Infinity now has accredited integration with Fiji’s Tax Core to meet new local legislation requiring digital verification of each transaction within supermarkets and pharmacies.


Get ahead of your fuel competition with Infinity and Enabler

We’re pleased to announce the Infinity upgrade to support Enabler version 4, forecourt controller.

The new Enabler release features:

  • Management and configuration that’s 100% web-based and fully compatible with multiple browsers, platforms and devices
  • Local browser language support which means that the interface can be used in different languages without the need to manually switch configurations
  • GUI control for tank levels (.NET WPF)
  • Added access control and security for Forecourt API
  • Support for Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows Server 2012
  • Full compatibility with all Enabler Hardware

Together, Infinity and Enabler help you authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock pumps, set prices and view fuel delivery data - all from your Infinity POS system.

If you want to drive greater convenience for your fuel and convenience customers

Unified commerce vs omnichannel: what’s the difference and what does it mean for your business?

When it comes to retail management, the concept of ‘unified commerce’ is elbowing ‘omnichannel’ out of the picture.

For over a decade, omnichannel linked together various digital and physical channels to make sure that the customer experience was seamless.

And while omnichannel management could look smooth on the surface, there could be rough patches underneath. For example, an omnichannel setup might enable data sharing between physical and online stores but the call centre was left out. Often held together with manual processes and complex integrations, omnichannel systems could be inefficient, costly and create complex dependencies.

When 78 percent of retailers admit that they are still unable to offer a unified brand experience across all channels, and reducing costs is so paramount, the decision on whether to stay with an omnichannel approach or move to a unified commerce platform is critical if you’re seeking to innovate, capture value and stay relevant.

Why unified commerce is now retail’s top priority – and should be yours too

Unified commerce is an architectural approach that effectively and seamlessly engages customers across all channels and touchpoints.

It works because it bypasses omnichannel’s limitations. Instead of connecting different systems, you create one common, centralised commerce platform that enables one version of truth across all channels.

The shift from channel-centricity to unified commerce

With all customer engagement points connected in near real time, unified commerce lets you deliver a holistic and personalised customer experience more consistently. That means you can treat each customer as the individual they are all the time – one person with one account, interacting with one unified brand.

But the benefits are not just confined to your customers. NRF research found that more than two-thirds of retailers expect a unified commerce platform to improve margin, brand value and revenue by more than 10 percent.

The study also found that 45 percent of retailers expect a unified commerce platform to drive innovation within their IT organisation through significant improvements in their ability to meet business demands faster. And 35 percent expect significant improvements in IT efficiency by reducing the time and budget for data security, maintenance and infrastructure.

As a result, our industry is enthusiastically embracing unified commerce, with 76 percent of retailers indicating they have or plan to implement a single, unified commerce platform within the next three years, and 5 percent saying they have already reached a true unified commerce model.

Moving to a unified commerce platform

There are two important building blocks of unified commerce that help you put customer experience first:

  • Centralised data and transactions: By centralising data and transactions on one integrated platform, you gain a single source of truth which gives you more accurate and up-to-date information, and no need for duplication and manual processes.
  • Connected, open systems: A unified commerce architecture lets you easily share data and services across all your customer experience areas. Using APIs, you can innovate directly on the platform to create and deploy new apps, services, channels and devices.

You’ll reduce costs by eliminating complex integrations and you can focus on new initiatives that support your business to achieve greater agility, faster growth and more control.

How Infinity can help

We at Infinity have evolved our own omnichannel approach. We’ve taken all the power of Infinity’s point of sale, inventory, order, customer and analytics retail software and put it on an open platform.

Now each channel (and each team member) can access not only all your customer and inventory data, but also functionality, from one place to give each customer the best price, service and personalised experience, wherever and whenever they shop with you.

Infinity's open platform is easy to connect with new technology and legacy systems. You can innovate quickly, optimise inventory, maximise margin, understand customers and deploy new services – efficiently and profitably.

Your next step

To find out more about how Infinity can support your journey from omnichannel to unified commerce, get in touch. We’re keen to chat and help you move into your retail future.

Cue launches 3-hour online and store-to-door delivery with Infinity

Australian Financial Review reports Cue now offers free three-hour delivery throughout Australia.

This move helps Cue offer a quicker, more personalised experience and gives the company an advantage over retailers who don’t have physical stores.


The Australian Financial Review spoke with Shane Lenton, Cue’s CIO about the new capabilities and what’s in store for the future. Read ‘Cue launches three-hour delivery, as local retailers take the fight to Amazon’ now.

These capabilities are backed by Infinity Unified Commerce. Infinity has made it possible for Cue to centralise all its inventory and customer data in one place for faster, more accurate transactions. All channels are connected - in-store point of sale, online and mobile - and Cue staff as well as customers can get a real-time view of what’s in stock.


Because Infinity is an API environment, Cue has been able to implement these new services very quickly. In fact, Rob Hango-Zada, the co-chief executive of Shippit, Cue’s logistics software partner, said,

"Cue is one of the fastest retailers we've ever seen to roll out this tech to their fleet of stores. What took most retailers six to 12 months they've done in only one.”

To find out how Infinity can help you stay ahead of your competition, 

Z Supplier Hero 2017: Proud to be bold

We're thrilled to have received a Z Supplier Hero 2017 award last night!

Mike with Award.jpg

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One of five awards given to recognise suppliers for acting in line with Z's values, the Be Bold award recognises  challenging the status quo, taking the initiative and innovation.


It’s been a great year with Z, who deployed Infinity to more than 200 retail and commercial sites around the country. We’re proud to support Z’s innovative customer experience and so grateful for the recognition.

Inside the crystal head of the trophy, designed by artist Bruce Winter is a floating compass ball to signify the significance of exploration and direction. It came with this message...

The Infinity unified commerce platform: your key to retail innovation

Christmas 2017 - is it all online this year?

As we move at an alarming pace towards the busiest of retail seasons, we’re led to believe that this Christmas everyone will be doing all of their shopping online and offshore. The arrival of Amazon down under also casts a shadow over retailers’ Christmas cheer, but will it really dampen shoppers’ ‘shop local’ spirit?

Australia’s overall retail stats show that in September, an anticipated rebound in retail sales failed to materialise. The market had forecast a 0.4 percent uplift from August’s 0.7 per cent fall, but overall sales were flat.


So will Christmas will bring some retail cheer?


Trends over the past few years show online shopping around the Christmas season is increasing - not really a surprise given the ease of shopping from a keyboard and the rise of unified commerce, which puts the customer at the centre of the retail universe. Purchasing online, in-store or a combination of both gives customers options on where and how to shop.

In Australia, the online retail market was reportedly worth $21.65 billion in the 12 months to December 2016, according to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index. This level was equivalent to 7.1% of the bricks-and-mortar sector, which was responsible for 303.2 billion in the year to November 2016. Corresponding figures for 2014 were an online retail market of $16.4 billion, equivalent to 6.8% of traditional spending at physical stores.


Interestingly, during December 2016, shopping online in the domestic market accelerated while international transactions slowed, with close to 81% of online shopping purchases made closer to home.

A time of giving

The time leading up to Christmas gives you the opportunity to show what your brand is all about. Contribute to the spirit of the season by treating your customers to a memorable shopping experience, especially in-store. Consider how you make a visit exciting, memorable and fun.

Remember too, that purchases made in-store often originate from an online interaction, so update your website and social media to make interactions with your brand timely and special.

While there was a cautious start to the last third of 2017, it doesn’t have to signal a lean Christmas for you. Bring your brand’s own festive cheer alive and enjoy the season’s success.


Explore the Infinity unified commerce platform

New Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App

Personalising your customer’s experience is now even more flexible, with Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App.

On the road, at shows or conferences, or instore during peak sales periods, Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App allows you to serve your customers efficiently, all from your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

Suitable for your account customers, it makes the most of all sales opportunities, enabling on-the-go quotes and charge-to-account orders in real-time.

As part of the Infinity Unified Commerce platform, transactions take a seamless journey where quotes and orders are available in all channels and in near real time. Quotes are generated, and can be accessed and converted instore, in your call centre, or online. Quick order fulfilment and an immediate response to any queries allow transactions to be completed with superb efficiency.

Imagine searching for products with photos, price, and availability and then creating quotes and charge-to-account orders, completing the transaction by emailing the invoice to your customer – there and then.


Or treating your customer to a truly personalised conversation using the information you’ve accessed through the Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App, such as credit and account relationship details, current and previous orders, and loyalty data.

Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App also holds each customer’s pricing schemes, so if discounts are in place the benefits will be calculated as the order is processed.

With Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App there’s the opportunity to build on your relationship with your account customers and curate details to cater for the specific situation and environment.

If Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App isn’t right for you, we can build one specifically for you with the features you need, or your developers can innovate directly on the Infinity platform.

Standing out as Amazon comes in

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Amazon’ making its way down under and disturbing the retail landscape as we know it. As the threat of the global phenomenon towers over local retailers, its entrance also presents opportunity.

It’s a time to define your brand’s point of difference and show your customers exactly what your business is about. Catering to the needs of your local customers and personalising their shopping experience is paramount to increasing sales and creating lasting relationships with your brand within the local environs.

Curating your range

One of Amazon’s huge perks is its ability to stock almost anything and everything in its online store. Yet sifting through the mountains of products online takes time and virtual energy, complicating and delaying purchasing decisions, and often leading to abandoned carts.

  1. Simplifying your product offering both instore and online relieves your customers from being overwhelmed, and enhances their shopping experience.
  2. Make the most of online real estate by ensuring browsing and purchasing of products is streamlined and efficient. Consider visible shopping carts, optional account registration, and instant calculations of taxes and shipping costs to smooth the purchasing path.

Likewise, give customers the best experience possible while browsing in your physical store.

  1. Curate the range of products on display to directly meet the needs of your local clientele, while knowing that the full range is available through your order management system. With a single view of stock across all channels, stock not physically located instore can be ordered for the customer from another store or the warehouse, and available instore for collecting or delivered to their home address.
  2. Shop-able screens and endless aisle also give customers access to shop your entire inventory, while your physical store carries a curated range.

Check out some of our other ideas to make the instore experience smooth and memorable.

Location, location, location

While Amazon’s reach takes it into the homes and businesses of its customers, its physical presence is still lacking.

  1. Take advantage of the location of your physical stores and bring a sense of community to your brand. Entice customers with relevant specials, promotions and events which bring customers to your store and enable them to enjoy the full retail experience.
  2. Customise promotions to your location; what might suit one area may not suit another due to a store’s physical size, customer demographics, or the natural environment where it is situated. Experiment with promotions, and track results through analytics to assess the success of a promotional event.
  3. Determine the unique aspects of your location and celebrate the differences which set it apart.

To make the most of your brand and enhance its point of difference, contact us here for some more suggestions.

Learn how Infinity brings together locations for a leading agribusiness

New in Infinity

Infinity’s latest release is full of updates and enhancements for your unified commerce solution. Find out more below, or

Infinity is a modular platform and you may require additional components or licencing to access some functionality.



Split Shipment

Dynamically fill orders from the most optimal source.


Ship from store

Expand your inventory accessibility. Same day delivery across entire network, store to door, Kiosk and endless aisle.



Accounts payable in clusters

Manage supplier invoices, invoice matching, and payments for clusters of stores at head office.

Item master management


Add items, remove items, and forward date price changes for items and branches ranged in a cluster.

Rules Based Pricing


Global exclusion rules

Create global exclusion rules to ensure specific items are never discounted, no matter what rules are created. This is ideal for items such as gift cards with a specific value.


Prioritising product sets

Prioritise product sets to assist in speeding up POS when an item qualifies for many product sets.



Schedule tasks

Schedule a task to perform the overnight clean-up and batch update processing using the hidden automated mode in the Infinity start-up mechanism. These tasks are then completed prior to the beginning of the business day.


Branch creation

Clone the configuration and products of an existing branch, and copy to a newly created store to speed up setup.



Infinity is now deployed with MSSQL 2014 SP2 and uses .NET 4.6 Framework



Branch specific import & export

Import item updates for multiple branches from a single spreadsheet with the branch specific import & export function.



Infinity epay integration

Experience new and faster workflows at POS when selling epay products and redeeming epay gift cards.


circle-icon-release-schema.png standards

Receive structured data on webpages to support machine-based indexing such as SEO search bots with standards.


Microsoft Azure CDN

Experience optimised content delivery using the Microsoft Azure CDN platform.

Transaction reports


Supplier claims report

Track credit claims against a supplier.


Rules Based Pricing effectiveness report

Identify items purchased in a promotion, and items in a promotion which did not sell as part of the promotion.


Sales and net profit report

Combine sales, stock loss and shrinkage to provide an adjusted profit report.


Pick date ranges in Crystal reports

Select this month, last month and trading* days using the date range pickers within Crystal reports.

*Trading days requires the trading day cash management module.



Mobile applications for dashboards

Access published dashboards via dedicated mobile applications for android and iOS to swipe, drill and tap through the dashboard data.

Dashboards and storyboards 

Control the data staff see by building dashboards and storyboards in SDM, enabling them to view and explore data within their areas of influence without being distracted by areas which are off limits.

Meet the Team: Joanna Welch, Channel and Account Manager

Joanna Welch.jpg

Hi, I'm Joanna.

We may have already met, spoken on the phone or corresponded with by email across the ten years I have worked at Triquestra and if we haven't yet, I'm sure we will in the near future.

I've worked in various capacities from sales support, accounts and administration to services delivery management. Amongst it all I've had a few extra kiddies along the journey, just to keep myself busy and to make my life more challenging and of course fun. 

For the last two years I've been working part time but return to full time employment as Channel and Account Manager this month.  I bring to the role my ten years of experience working throughout the business, my in-depth understanding of the software process and knowledge of retail technology; but also my charm, bubbly enthusiasm and sense of humour.

As you can imagine life as a working mother with three children aged 17, 8 and 4 can be mayhem particularly in the mornings.  To maintain my bubbly enthusiasm and calm persona I've become a Les Mills group fitness junkie. My love of fitness germinating here at Triquestra, but that's another blog entry I'm sure, so watch this space. 

I look forward to working with our channel team across the globe supporting successful outcomes. Similarly for the customers that I'll be directly engaged with, you'll be hearing from me soon.