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Use Infinity as your telco POS software system and optimise sales opportunities like never before. The Infinity unified commerce platform is excellent for managing both product and service sales to both business and retail customers. It’s scalable, robust and fast so you can meet customers’ demand to get what they want and be on their way.

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Plans, products, payments, personalisation - it’s all easy with Infinity

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Infinity makes the complex simple

Infinity can handle the inventory and order management of all your phone, tablet and accessory SKUs as well as your various data and calling plans and add-ons. You’ll have one view of all items and all orders that can be accessed by any team member at any time. So the initial sales process is easy for your staff and customer and any after-purchase queries can be answered with confidence.


Excellent inventory management

When new products come in or demand for something jumps in a certain location, rely on Infinity to help you allocate inventory quickly. You can track each item’s serial number for safety and change pricing and promotions based on the latest trends or to offset a competitor’s offer.



Support trade and retail customers

Easily meet the needs of both your telco trade and retail customers with the ability to configure packages, set up contract pricing and accept various payment types including charge-to-account, financing and split payments.


Personalise the in-store and online experience

Infinity’s powerful customer management means you can recognise customers whether they represent a business, themselves or their household. This data and knowledge lets you personalise your welcome when customers visit your store, website or app, and then tailor your service and offers based on what they’ve purchased, almost purchased and might like to try.



Promote multiple fulfilment options

Increase profitability by creating flexible fulfilment options. For instance, customers can can click-and-collect from whatever store they like, take some items with them while others are delivered to the office - whatever suits you both best. Infinity also supports endless aisle fulfilment which gives your sales associates or in-store kiosks the ability to sell items even when those items are out of stock at the store. The customer can order any product they want and get it delivered to the address of their choice.


Be as mobile as your customers

The Infinity platform really shines when you build its features into a mobile app. Let your customers buy plans, products and top-ups, and update their details on the go, with all data integrating with the Infinity platform. We can build an app for you or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.



Get going quickly and be ready for anything

Infinity has been developed and enhanced over 20 years to be easy to use. A training mode lets staff learn as they go, helping them gain confidence quickly. You can easily add fixed POS terminals and operate your point of sale from tablets or smartphones - especially useful for busy periods, if you attend events and conferences, or if you’d like to operate a pop-up store.


24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.


“It never crashes, it always works. In retail it’s a catastrophe if your cash register crashes and your customers are backing up. With the Infinity POS system you never have that problem.”

Raymond Fruean, Manager Retail and Distribution, SamoaTel


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