“Infinity provides us with a stable backbone by acting as the hub for all our channels, reducing integration, duplication and operating costs, while increasing efficiency and accuracy. It’s at the centre of everything we do.”

Shane Lenton, Chief Information Officer, Cue Clothing Co

What is unified commerce?


Unified commerce is the term used for a retail software system which connects all your inventory and customer data to all your online, in-store and mobile sales channels. So you can offer consistent and personalised experiences every time customers interact with you.

Unified Commerce

A unified commerce platform lets you and third parties innovate easily to create new product, purchase and payment apps and services, and introduce new buying channels and devices. 



Meet all of retail’s changing demands with a unified commerce software platform that keeps you in front

We’ve taken all the power of Infinity’s point of sale, inventory, order, customer and analytics retail software and put it on an open platform.

Which means that Infinity now provides a hub for all your channels, centralising customer and inventory data and transactions in near real time. Every channel interacts with the centralised platform so everything stays in sync – website, app, store, call centre, kiosk, concession store, wearable device. It’s available to all your staff and your customers so they have the same product visibility and can expect fluid and accurate interactions in-store or online.

If you’ve had separate databases for your call centre, or your staff couldn’t see what customers were doing on your website, those frustrations can be a thing of the past. Previous channel limitations or legacy system incompatibilities no longer get in the way.

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Innovate quickly

With access to Infinity’s API environment, you can act quickly, easily and more securely – all for less cost.


multi channel retail

The Infinity team, your developers and third parties can innovate directly on the platform to create and deploy new services, channels and devices with confidence. And we’re standardising and advancing the platform’s core capabilities and resources to ensure all channels continue to have access to the latest functions.

Retail Software

We’re building an ecosystem of retail software, tools and resources that you can leverage for competitive advantage. These include shoppable screen, beacon and endless aisle software providers that can plug into our platform and be available to you as necessary.

Get the secret to retail’s future

See how unified commerce can simplify your retail technology, amplify services customers love and keep you ahead of the competition.

Get connected and stay ahead like never before

Unified Commerce and Omnichannel

The Infinity unified commerce platform lets you mobilise and personalise your interactions with customers. You’ll build stronger brand value with better surprise-and-delight personalisation. Evolve inventory optimisation and increase revenue. Improve IT innovation and efficiency. Enjoy simplified workflows and better team productivity. And become part of the Infinity unified commerce platform community of users and developers who will inspire each other.

Omnichannel Retail

We want to support retail’s winners and will continue to expand the platform so you can better understand customers, personalise experiences, enable conversion anytime and anywhere, and fulfil efficiently and profitably.

We can meet you wherever you are on your retail management journey to implement exactly the right system now and help you move into your future.

Inventory Management

Get tighter control of inventory operations and manage levels accurately across all your locations and customer touch points.


Predict Demand

Predict demand for maximum profit

Forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal variations to better plan your inventory levels and predict the most effective pricing and promotions strategies.

Improved Return

Improved return on inventory

When inventory is your biggest cost, you want to manage it as effectively as possible to maximise sales opportunities without compromising margin. Infinity gives you a single view of stock and lets you move it around your business seamlessly so you can react to changes quickly.

Business Insights

Gain great insight from inventory activity

With Infinity CPM (Corporate Performance Management) behind you, you’ll gain great insights. You can test price points, find outliers, and confidently remove items from inventory if they’re not performing.

Order Management


Infinity consolidates sales and inventory across physical, online and mobile channels and supports a range of fulfilment options. 

Return on Inventory

Improved return on inventory

With a single view of stock across locations plus the ability to move it around your business, you’ll reduce your overall stock requirement.

Customer Experience

A consistent customer experience 

Customers will appreciate the same experience and pricing no matter where they shop with you. And you can share stock location with customers to increase convenience and sell-through.

click and collect

Optimised fulfilment

Increase profitability by optimising inventory and fulfilment options. Infinity can handle click-and-collect, ship-from-store, ship-from-warehouse, split shipments – whatever suits you and your customers best.

Retail Integration

Reduced complexity

Infinity seamlessly integrates to reduce errors and streamline processes.

Order Management

Customer Management


Infinity gives you a holistic view of your customers when and where you want so you can offer a more relevant and rewarding shopping experience.

Customer Behaviour
customer behaviour

Learn more about customers and their behaviour

With Infinity you can view customer purchase and browsing data, giving you in-depth insight and opportunity to attract them in new ways.

Customer Insights

Recognise and reward

Infinity lets you create points-based programs that you can combine with your customer insights to offer more personalised promotions that can be redeemed both online and in-store.

Trade Custoimers

Support your trade customers

Infinity handles set up, pricing and sales for both retail and trade customers.


Pricing & Promotions

Infinity gives you total control over pricing to help increase customer value, move inventory and maximise profit.


Pricing and Promotions
Effective Pricing

Plan and predict the best prices

Infinity’s planning tools help you understand and predict the most effective pricing and promotions strategies to increase sell-through and margin.

Pricing Management

Execute endless options

With its advanced pricing and promotions management functionality, Infinity lets you execute seemingly limitless pricing options with rules-based pricing, different discount types ($ off, % off), and multi-buy capability (buy X quantity and get 1 free) in-store, online and in the field.

Customer Confidence

Give your customers confidence

Infinity easily handles complex sales transactions as well as pricing for both trade and retail customers. Pricing is shared across all channels so customers can trust that they’ll see the same price wherever they shop.



Infinity CPM (Corporate Performance Management) uses the Salient toolset for turning large amounts and disparate sources of data into insight that informs the actions users can take to improve your bottom line.

Data into Insights

Insights that matter, fast

Reveal relevant information from all your data, very quickly. Role-based KPIs mean users can act on information they see.

Web Based Dashboard

Access and share anywhere

Web-based dashboards makes information available and intuitive anywhere.

Integrate external data

Integrate external data

Easily add data from other systems to complement your information.

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