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Infinity POS Software – the easy way to offer exceptional service

POS System

Sell everywhere

At the till, on the shop floor, at a special event or in the field – Infinity POS software works at any fixed or mobile location, bringing salespeople to customers anywhere.

POS Point of Sale

Serve customers quickly

No one has time to stand in queues, so Infinity POS lets you transact cash and on-account sales, and process quotes, orders and laybys - fast.

POS Software

Reduce complexity

Turn the complex into the intuitive by automating rules for bundling products and by offering a single transaction for both cash-and-carry and delivery items.

retail pos software

Enable hassle-free payments

Payments are a breeze for staff and customers. Cash, on account, split payments, finance terms, electronic gift cards – Infinity point of sale software takes care of it all, integrating with leading payment merchants and printing or emailing receipts as necessary.

Point of Sale Solutions
Point of Sale

Unify the omnichannel experience and drive more traffic in-store and online

Give your customers more ways to shop by offering options like click-and-collect which lets customers buy online and pick up in-store. On the flip-side, you can generate quotes in-store and make them available online for your customers to convert later.

POS Management
Point of Sale Systems
POS Australia

Find the information they need

The system’s powerful search tools give staff instant access to customer info and stock location – whether it’s at the warehouse, on order or at another store – letting staff tailor the customer experience with confidence.

Point of Sale software

Recognise and reward

Combine Infinity POS with Infinity Loyalty and you can generate reward offers based on customer profiles. Then staff can delight the customer at point of sale by offering a reward that’s personalised and relevant.

POS Software

Increase productivity and control

Infinity POS is a comprehensive retail POS system which lets you control it all centrally or at store level – permissions, return and refund validation, discounting and cash management. 

POS System

Get going quickly

Infinity POS has been developed and enhanced over 20 years to be to easy to use – a real benefit when staff turnover can be high. A training mode lets staff learn as they go, helping them gain confidence quickly.

Infinity POS solutions can be deployed:

Integrated POS

As a point solution integrated to your existing systems

Point Of Sale Solution

With other Infinity components for an end-to-end solution

Infinity POS works well with:




Point of sale on the blog

See how our retail POS system fits your needs - and not the other way around.


Point of sale software that works as seamlessly as your customer’s experience both in-store and out

point of sale

Super-intuitive and reliable, Infinity point of sale is fast, flexible and easy to use, so your staff can focus on exceptional customer service rather than the mechanics of processing transactions – no matter how complex.


Infinity POS is always on and offers near real-time customer and offer information that staff can use to encourage purchase and upsell.


Payments, returns, stock location, delivery processing, ecommerce integration, training – Infinity POS does it all and grows with your business across locations and channels.

Point of sale is just part of the Infinity unified commerce platform