Make the most of sales opportunities no matter where you are


With Infinity’s mobile POS and app capability, you can better serve your customers on the road, at shows and conferences, and in-store during peak sales periods.


Sell with flexibility, power and speed

Integrate Infinity POS and enjoy the ability to sell and manage inventory and customer data from tablets or smartphones on the shop floor, at a special event or in the field. Infinity works at any location and handles payments, returns, stock location, stock take, orders, receipting, and delivery processing.



Show them you know them

Customer data is available on mobile devices so you’ve always got information on demand, including credit and account relationship details, current and previous orders, and loyalty points balances. With this detail at the ready, you can recommend relevant new products and find out how past purchases lived up to expectation.



Provide quotes and take charge-to-account orders anywhere

Infinity has a quotes and orders app that’s perfect if you if you’ve got sales reps on the road. Built for Android and Apple phones and tablets, the app lets you search for products with photos, price and availability, and create quotes and charge-to-account orders on the spot. You can email all information to your customer so they know their transaction is complete. And orders can be accessed and converted in-store, in your call centre or online.



Put the Infinity platform into customers’ hands –
with a custom app

The Infinity platform can also be used to build customer-facing apps. Let customers browse, buy and update their details on the go. Recognise them when they arrive. Give them the ability to pay from the app and see their loyalty points accumulate at each visit. There are so many possibilities that an app offers and we can build one for you or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.


Unified commerce = unbelievable connection

Since ‘unified commerce’ is now appearing everywhere, and because we’re one of its pioneers, we thought we’d explain it all so you can see why it really is the future of retail.

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Fuel & Convenience

The Infinity unified commerce platform integrates everything