Open for innovation

Connecting channels and personalising the store experience is vital to meeting consumers’ rising expectations.


With Infinity APIs, you can connect tools and expose data in real time. Opening a world of opportunity to offer customers new, faster services and more personalised interactions. You’ll be able to integrate third-party applications to create a retail ecosystem and give customers the most relevant purchase, payment, loyalty, fulfilment and delivery options. 

Using Infinity APIs reduces data replication and system maintenance overheads so you streamline workflows while quickly growing your innovation capabilities.


Infinity APIs are designed using the concept of 5-minute development, so that you can get your solution up and running quickly and easily. All APIs are documented using Swagger/OAS.



APIs are secured using HTTPS and the OAuth2 authentication and authorisation protocol. They can be publicly facing. 



Infinity APIs use a microservices architecture which means you increase only the services you need, for better resilience and scalability versus a monolith approach.

 Here’s what Infinity APIs help you do

Personalise customer experiences

  • Get a single view of customers across store, web and mobile

  • Seamless click-and-collect and endless aisle

  • Sell anywhere 

Optimise operations

  • Get a single view of inventory across store, web and mobile

  • Fulfil by store-to-door and drop shipping

  • Enable real-time flow of information

Get started with Infinity APIs

We’re here to help whether you need an API strategy or you’re ready to use APIs to extend your commerce platform.

APIs in action