Price and promote for maximum profit

Since pricing is so key for increasing customer value, moving inventory and maximising profit, Infinity has been designed to give you total control. Its advanced pricing and promotions functionality lets you execute seemingly limitless pricing strategies including those with a wholesale or trade component. 


And with Infinity, pricing is shared across all channels so customers can trust that they’ll see the same price whether they shop with you in-store, online or in the field.

Best pricing

Plan and predict the best pricing

With its powerful planning tools, Infinity lets you understand and predict the most effective pricing and promotions strategy to increase sell-through without compromising margin. You can make better decisions about when and where to try different promos and react quickly when an offer succeeds or doesn’t do as well as expected.


Simplify Sales

Rules-based pricing gives you flexibility and consistency

If your business handles complex sales transactions or has both trade and retail customers, you’ll love Infinity’s rules-based pricing functionality. You can quickly and easily define and implement multiple pricing attributes, determine the order in which pricing rules apply, and execute standard retail promotions in combination with non-retail pricing. Pre-defined rules take the pain out of designed pricing models, and lower error rates mean less time reconciling pricing between systems.


Discount prices

Offer a range of discount types to appeal to different types of shoppers

Infinity gives you a range of ways to discount items, including dollars off the price, percentage off the price, cost plus a specific margin, cost plus a specific markup and more.


multi buys

Easily organise multi buys for in-store and online purchase

Infinity lets you bundle products together to offer unique promotions. These promotions can be activated at point of sale in-store or when customers add products to their online shopping cart. Promotion options include buy X quantity and get 1 free, buy X quantity for $X, and buy X quantity of product A and X quantity of product B and get product C for free.


ERP Integration

Simple ERP integrations

Infinity simplifies integration with ERP systems, supporting the same pricing structure as defined and configured within the integrated ERP system.


Pricing and promotion works well with


Furniture & Homewares


Unified commerce = unbelievable connection

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Seamlessly link pricing, inventory and order management