How to smash your channel silos to create seamless customer experiences

How to smash your channel silos to create seamless customer experiences

Most retailers are feeling the pressure to add new physical, online and mobile channels to keep pace with new technologies and changing consumer demands. But if you’re only adding and not actually integrating these channels with the rest of your organisation, you can end up with silos that frustrate your internal teams and customers.

Welcome to Bridged IT Services, our new New Zealand channel partner

We’re pleased to welcome Bridged IT Services to help us support Infinity customers even better throughout New Zealand. 

The Bridged IT Services team will introduce more retailers and fuel suppliers to Infinity with their end-to-end service that includes Infinity licencing, installation, maintenance and first level support through their 24/7 help desk and agents around the country. They’ll offer a package complete with software, hardware, payments and IT.


“We’ve been working with fuel supply customers for several years now and when I saw Infinity, I was really impressed with its simplicity combined with its level of detail. It’s far ahead of other systems, and as we start to talk to retailers in other industries, we know Infinity will be best for them,” says Gurjit Singh, CEO at Bridged IT. “We’re looking forward to helping retailers unify point of sale, inventory and order management for better customer service and experience.” 


Kelly Brown, Triquestra CEO says, “Bridged IT Services is a well-established company with a track record of great customer service and high-availability support. We’re thrilled with this new channel partnership and how it will help us reach new clients and offer even better support to current clients.”