Infinity is made for any industry

We’ve got the platform and the experience to help you manage operations, optimise inventory and fulfilment, empower staff and offer amazing customer service and experiences.


B2B complex businesses

B2B and complex sales

Infinity gives industries like agribusiness, building, plumbing supplies, furniture and telecommunications the ability to support trade as well as retail customers and configure products and services at point of service.

multi brand business solution

Multi-brand and franchise businesses

Infinity supports centralised, de-centralised and hybrid business models. Standardise core processes and offer unique processes to suit brands, franchisees or business units. We’ve got the solution to meet just what your business needs.

government retail system


If you're in a government agency that sells products and services or collect revenues, let Infinity help you offer consumers the same fast, consistent experience they expect across channels. 

forecourt contollers POS

Fuel suppliers

As a fuel retailer, you want to keep customers moving to keep them happy. Infinity enables that speed and integrates with various peripherals including forecourt controllers.

B2B and complex sales

Infinity gives you control over: 

Charge-to-account activity, including account charge and cash payments in the same transaction. ‘I’ll charge the fertiliser to my account, but pay cash for the laundry powder.’

A mix of ‘cash and carry’ and ‘delivery’, often in one transaction. ‘I’ll take the cushions with me, but please deliver the sofa.’

Complex activity in which components are brought together at point of sale. ‘I’d like plan A to go with phone B.’ Or ‘I want couch C in fabric D with the wooden feet instead of the metal.’

Customer relationships with a high level of complexity. For instance, one business account that two owners can access, or an account with different levels of authority (the owner can charge to the account, the employee can charge to the account if they have a purchase order).

All types of pricing including retail, contract, promotional, customer-specific and rules-based.

Quoting and ordering by channel.

Multi-brand and franchise businesses

Infinity offers flexibility, control and the ability to:

Support different business models including centralised, de-centralised and hybrid.

Standardise core processes and offer unique processes to suit branches, brands, franchisees or business units.

Easily integrate with common financial software favoured by franchisees including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.

Share and segment insights and information exactly how you wish.


Infinity provides you with: 

The ability to recognise citizens as consumers and offer an omnichannel purchase experience that’s consistent with what they expect and are accustomed to from product and service retailers.

Robust security and privacy across channels.

Seamless integration with your legacy systems.

Fuel suppliers

Infinity makes retailing fuel easy by offering:

Inventory management for wet stock.

Very fast payment processing at the pump and in-store to keep customers moving.

Standard integration with market leading Enabler and Postec forecourt controllers.

A strong convenience store focus – easily manage many SKUs, promotional pricing and fuel vouchers.

24/7 support.

The Infinity unified commerce platform