Bringing home Infinity’s benefits for furniture retailers

When you sell furniture and homewares, you deal with a wide range of permutations. From the quick-think cash purchase to all the elements that go into a full room makeover, you want a furniture store POS software system that can handle it all - in-store, online and in-home. The Infinity unified commerce platform gives you the ability to match customer demand for customisation, speed and exceptional service.

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Infinity seamlessly connects furniture inventory, orders and fulfilment in one POS system

From the simple to the super-complex, here’s what Infinity can do for your furniture and homewares business management.

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Inventory at the right place at the right time

With furniture and homewares trends now changing almost as fast as fashion, you want to quickly allocate inventory based on new arrivals, the seasons or geographic locations. Infinity gives your team this control - whether they’re in-store or at head office. You’ll have one view of all items and can move and control inventory in real time.


Highly detailed customisation

Infinity’s powerful inventory and order management let your customer choose any product combination they want in-store or online, such as couch A with fabric B, feet C and both D and E cushion styles. This complexity is easy for Infinity and helps you offer a very personalised customer experience.



Multiple fulfilment options...

Increase profitability by creating flexible fulfilment options. For instance, customers can can click-and-collect from whatever store they like, take some items home from a store while others are delivered, or pick up purchases from a warehouse - whatever suits you both best.


...Including the satisfaction of endless aisle

Infinity also supports endless aisle fulfilment which gives your sales associates or in-store kiosks the ability to sell items even when those items are out of stock at the store. The customer can order any product they want and get it delivered to the address of their choice.



Order visibility that’s second to none

By providing a true single view of orders as they progress from the purchase point to the supplier or manufacturer to the consumer, your team can answer customer queries with confidence every time. You can also let customers track their own orders online for even greater control.


Easy returns as well

If returns are necessary, Infinity can manage the entire process, including return payments, price validation, inventory re-allocations and customer record updating. You’ll think it’s POS software made just for furniture stores.  



Offer more in-home services

Infinity has a Mobile Quotes & Orders app that lets you provide quotes and take charge-to-account orders anywhere. So you can visit customers with swatches and samples, help them put together their ideal room and place their order that can be accessed and converted in-store or by your manufacturers. We can build an app for you or your developers can innovate directly on the platform.


24/7 support

Triquestra’s Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer full technical and functional training that makes ongoing use simple.

The Infinity unified commerce platform: simplify the complex