Get ahead of your fuel competition with Infinity and Enabler

We’re pleased to announce the Infinity upgrade to support Enabler version 4, forecourt controller.

The new Enabler release features:

  • Management and configuration that’s 100% web-based and fully compatible with multiple browsers, platforms and devices

  • Local browser language support which means that the interface can be used in different languages without the need to manually switch configurations

  • GUI control for tank levels (.NET WPF)

  • Added access control and security for Forecourt API

  • Support for Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows Server 2012

  • Full compatibility with all Enabler Hardware


Together, Infinity and Enabler help you authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock pumps, set prices and view fuel delivery data - all from your Infinity POS system.

If you want to drive greater convenience for your fuel and convenience customers