It’s the small things that make a big difference in retail

I recently joined Triquestra as Key Account Manager. I have more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing across vendor management, business planning, implementing go-to market strategies and partner development. 

My big focus here is customer experience, which got me thinking about what makes me choose one brand over another and how I can help my new clients lead the way in loyalty. 

It’s not just what you want to sell but how you want people to feel

I fully believe that it’s the small things that create customer loyalty and keep me, as a consumer, coming back for more.

I was visiting a friend and she served a chipotle mayonnaise that was delicious. After searching in various supermarkets, I was unable to find a bottle. I reached out to my friend who gave me a website to try. I found it and decided to order three bottles while I was at it.


When the package arrived, to my surprise, the fourth compartment held a free bottle of mushroom sauce which was equally as yummy and which I will definitely be purchasing again.

Although a pointed, persuasive sales message is important in winning customers, it is the subtler and smaller appeals that create real loyalty and in turn repeat business. 

Instead of focusing only on what you want to sell, consider how you want people to feel. The customer experience is a critically important driver of emotional connection. An emotionally connected customer will buy more of your products and services, visit you more often, exhibit less price sensitivity, pay more attention to your communications, follow your advice, and recommend you more – everything you hope their experience will cause them to do. 

This emotional connection is something that I have grown to expect. I have a wallet full of loyalty cards and my phone is loaded with apps – some belonging to the clients that I look after here at Triquestra. I am always excited to see personalised offers, redeem my points and be treated in a way that makes me feel valued. 

I make my purchasing decisions based on these good experiences, and in turn, I consciously decide not to shop at companies that don’t make an effort. Multiply me by all the shoppers out there and you see how you have to things right from the start.

Building those opportunities to wow

In my conversations with Infinity clients, we talk about optimising the end-to-end customer experience – every aspect of how customers interact with their brands, products, promotions and service offerings, on and offline. I’m looking forward to helping with both the big picture and the little things that will maximise customer value and build that emotional connection. 

If you want to build a better loyalty programme and get closer to your customers, contact us and we’ll work with you to make that goal a reality. You can also find out more about Infinity Loyalty.