Show your customers you know and love them

With Infinity, you get a single customer view that’s accessible in any channel. Web sales, app orders, call centre and in-store transactions are captured in one place, so you’ve got amazing insight on each person that shops with you.


Combine that constant goldmine of information with Infinity’s loyalty capabilities and you can give customers highly personalised offers and experiences like never before. Create earning and reward opportunities based on what customers bought, how long and how often they’ve shopped with you, their profitability, whether they’re a trade or retail customer and much more.

Here’s what you can do with Infinity Loyalty

It all starts with one unique code

Let customers sign up to your programme in any channel. You decide on the information you want to collect, and where and how to recognise members. You can give customers a physical membership card, a keyring tag, a QR code within your app, or let them validate their membership with a phone number or email address. Set your programme up with points to earn or dollar thresholds to reach.


All these options are possible because each of your programme members is assigned a unique code and all their contact, points, offers and rewards information is attached to that code.

Share and manage information in all channels

Once a customer is added and active, your in-store, call centre and head office staff can see a customer’s lifetime points balance and current rewards offers at any time to remind them of what they’re eligible for or close to achieving. These same team members can edit a customer’s membership details and even add notes against individual loyalty transactions. Customers can check their status and rewards and edit their details on your website.

Infinity’s APIs can be used to link with your marketing automation system so you can communicate members’ rewards status, new points offers, upcoming expiry dates, personalised offers and other important information by email and text.



Brett Smith has 100 points. $10 offer is now available.



Hi Janie! You’ve spent $200 so you’ve now got Silver Status. Look out for monthly rewards vouchers!



This coffee’s on us!



Congratulations - you’ve now got 50 points.



Subject: You’ve now got Silver Status - here are your offers


Drive customers between channels


You don’t have to compromise the amount of data you collect at sign up to keep your point of sale queue-free. Simply ask for minimum information at checkout - such as phone number or email address, then incentivise customers to go online to fill out a richer profile by including a discount offer on their receipt.

You can encourage shoppers to come in store by offering bonus points on click-and-collect.

There are many ways for customers to earn

Infinity Loyalty lets you choose a customer’s earning criteria depending on their value to your business, upselling opportunities, products that are similar to what they’ve previously bought, products you’d like to promote and more. You can let a customer’s points accumulate across multiple transactions and notify them of rewards that are available when they reach a certain threshold. Let customers earn based on:

Dollars spent

  • $1.00 spent = 1 point

  • $25.00 spent = 25 points

  • $200 spent = next status level


  • Buy 5 coffees to get one free

  • Get your 10th carwash free

Customer type

  • Trade customers earn triple points in July

  • VIP customers get $10 off purchases this week

Department type

  • Get 10 bonus points on everything BEAUTY this month

Product or SKU type

  • Buy any item from Acme and earn double loyalty points

Branch type

  • $5 off at all South Island stores

Paid membership

  • Join our premium program for $99 per year and get triple points on every purchase


You’ve also got a number of rewards options

Infinity gives you options for rewarding customers that you can change whenever you want.  

Specific item rewards

Apply a dollar or percentage discount to a specific product.

  • Spend $100 and get a free bath gel

  • You’ve got 100 points - that means you can get this bath gel for just $5

Discount rewards

Give the customer a dollar or percentage discount off their total sale.

  • You’ve spent $500 with us so you get an instant 10% off this purchase

  • When you earn 100 points, you’ll get $25 off your next purchase

Trigger rewards

A great way to thank or acknowledge customers for specific actions or events. You set the criteria.

  • Thanks for joining! You’ll automatically get 10% off your next purchase

  • We’re so glad you shop with us. Here are 100 bonus points to say thanks

  • Happy birthday! Shop with us this month and you’ll get $20 off your purchase

Setting you up to win

The Infinity team will set things up smartly from the beginning, including all the elements that will make your loyalty programme stand out from the competition and run smoothly.

We’ll help you set up:

  • Points collection rules
  • How to manage more than one loyalty programme for different brands
  • Points expiry parameters
  • Individual user permissions
  • How to manage lost, unused or stolen cards

Instant and actionable reporting

Because all customer and transaction data is captured in Infinity, you can easily:

  • Segment customers according to spend, channel engagement, demographics and more
  • See which earning thresholds and reward offers are working - or not
  • Track trends by location or product
  • Know which customers are most engaged with the programme and who needs encouragement to take part

Infinity comes with its own reporting capabilities or you can integrate the data into your business intelligence tool.


If you want to impress customers and keep them coming back, contact us

We’d love to show you all Infinity Loyalty can do as part of the full Infinity unified commerce platform or to integrate with your existing systems.

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