Offer your customers the convenience of Afterpay - now certified for the Infinity platform

Infinity now supports Afterpay in-store in New Zealand. After becoming the first platform to offer Afterpay in-store in Australia, this certification means more of our clients can give their customers the shopping experiences they want.


Afterpay offers your shoppers an easy, interest-free option to pay in four instalments while you get paid straight away. The in-store process is simple:

  1. When your customer is ready to checkout, they use the Afterpay app to generate a barcode.

  2. You scan that barcode and no further personal information is required.

  3. They pay their first instalment up-front and get their order straight away.

  4. Afterpay settles with you up-front with you and assumes any credit and fraud risk.

  5. Your customer then pays off their purchase in regular instalments directly to Afterpay.

Afterpay can convert customers that may have otherwise abandoned their purchase, generating more sales from your existing customer base and creating new customers who like the idea of a new type of payment option. And Afterpay settles with you quickly and automatically - there are no complicated processes or lengthy wait times.

If you’d like to find out more about Afterpay and adding it to your POS payment options, contact us today.