Proving the business case for unified commerce: it’s all in this new ebook

It’s an exciting time to be in retail.

Customers are loving personalised shopping experiences that go beyond product and price. New technologies are letting retailers launch new purchase and fulfilment options faster than ever. The convergence of physical, online and mobile channels is putting the same data in the hands of customers and sales staff from any device.

However, changing your business model to take advantage of all these opportunities can be challenging. Do you have business systems cobbled together using complex, manual processes? Is it difficult, expensive and slow to integrate new technologies into customer experiences? How quickly can you respond to changing customer needs with new apps, channels and services?

If you feel like you’re missing out on the flexibility and agility you need to offer your customers speed, accuracy and seamlessness, it’s time to move to a unified retail management platform.

Our ebook, Unified commerce is the future of retail: How to exceed customer expectations and innovate at pace, explains what unified commerce is and how it can help you increase sales, get new services to market fast and keep ahead of your competition.

It’s been written for senior retail executives who want to move away from the hard work of using an omnichannel approach to integrate channels, and instead focus on offering holistic customer experiences based on a unified view of inventory, customer and fulfilment data in a cost effective manner.

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Create immersive, seamless and personalised brand experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

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