The word’s getting out about Cue’s successful unified commerce strategy


Shane Lenton, CIO of Cue Clothing Co, sat down with Australia’s Power Retail and Inside Retail publications to discuss how Cue delivers frictionless shopping experiences spanning three brands, 200 physical stores, three eCommerce and online stores, concessions, in-store kiosks and a customer care team. Read Inside Cue’s ecommerce and omnichannel shopping strategy and Out with the old, in with the new Cue.

Cue has centralised its inventory and customer data onto the Infinity unified commerce platform for one version of truth across all channels.

Centralised Inventory

As Lenton explains to Inside Retail,

“We’ve been on a journey over the last four to five years of really trying to bring our sales channels closer together and trying to connect our website and digital channels with our stores.

“A lot of established retailers are potentially struggling with legacy systems, having bolted on solutions for the digital space…that’s where the challenges lie now,” he says.

“The reason unified commerce resonated with me is that it focuses on one having core platform do the heavy lifting and having a single source of truth to manage the customer, order orchestration and everything, rather than relying on too many systems to push and pull data everywhere.”

Lenton says Infinity has enabled Cue to offer an ‘endless aisle’ capability that makes all of its inventory available from any channel and lets customers choose a different fulfilment option for each item in an order. This functionality has been added without the need for extra staff or increased overheads.

“We don’t have to run secondary reports, it’s completely automated. And that’s possible because of the unified commerce platform we’re using.”

The proof is in the increased sales

Lenton believes that this technological innovation and cross-platform experience helps engage customers and encourage repeat purchases - taking away the hard work of omnichannel and putting Cue ahead of its competitors.

When talking to Power Retail, he says,

“Since turning on click-and-collect and store-to-door, this has resulted in growth in incremental sales, as well as an uplift in sales from driving more online customers into stores.

“We have seen our physical store footprint around the country create a competitive advantage by turning stores into distribution centres, so we can get our products to our loyal customers in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible, regardless of their location,” Lenton adds.

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