Convert more sales and keep customers happy


Your customers expect an easy purchase process, convenient delivery and collection options, and stress-free returns. If you can’t meet those needs in our increasingly competitive world, they’ll go elsewhere. To maximise profit and customer experience, you need a single view of inventory and the ability to fulfil orders from anywhere within your business.


The Infinity unified commerce platform gives you this combined power so you’re no longer limited to centralised fulfilment from your warehouse or distribution centre. Instead, you can build a fulfilment strategy that offers customers many options while reducing your inventory holdings and delivery costs.

Choose your fulfilment strategy

When you use Infinity, your inventory, order and customer data is unified. So when an order comes in from any channel - in-store, online, over the phone, or in the field - Infinity can automatically determine the best way for that order to be fulfilled based on a standard set of rules, or your business’ specific circumstances.

That means you can combine all the fulfilment options you have at your disposal to give the customer choice and lower your costs.

Here’s how you can expand from the traditional warehouse-to-door delivery model:


Store-to-door (or ship-from-store)

Shipping store-to-door turns each store into a mini distribution centre. Staff can pick and pack items for online orders or for sales from other stores that don’t have an item on-hand. Store-to-door is very effective if you’ve got a large, geographically dispersed store network. That’s because delivery from a centralised or even regional warehouse can often take longer and cost more than it would from a nearby store.


Drop shipping 

If you sell items that you don’t necessarily hold in your warehouse or stores, you can simultaneously take and place a customer’s order with your supplier and organise delivery of the order direct to the customer’s selected location. Drop shipping is attractive because it speeds up delivery and improves cash flow since you don’t own or store the stock.



When you offer click-and-collect, customers can choose where they’d like to pick up their purchase. It’s perfect for online orders and when an item isn’t available at the store a customer is shopping in.


Optimising fulfilment with tailored order management is great for customers and good for business

In the past, if an item wasn’t in stock in a store, there was a good chance you’d lose the sale. Even if you offered to transfer the item from another store, in most cases customers wouldn’t come back to get it.

With Infinity, customers get an ‘endless aisle’ - access to all items regardless of where those items are held. Infinity shows staff an accurate view of where stock is located and they can let the customer choose how they receive their purchase based on speed, cost and convenience.

Staff don’t have the responsibility of figuring out what’s fastest or cheapest for the customer - Infinity does the hard work for them. And customers also get the satisfaction of being able to trust stock and delivery information.

From a wider business point of view, you can reduce your inventory holdings, and therefore your biggest cost. You simply don’t have to carry every item in every store or lose out when a customer hears ‘out of stock’ or can’t get something fast enough. You’ll maximise profit, transform logistics, and know that you’re giving customers a frictionless, one-brand experience no matter how the order is being fulfilled.

Automate fulfilment decisions based on your specific criteria

As standard, Infinity will suggest the most cost-effective delivery methods by finding the nearest inventory location and minimising the number of deliveries required.


You can also set specific rules with Infinity’s flexible framework. By integrating with third party APIs or a transport management system, you can set fulfil criteria that accounts for:

  • Your pricing from national and/or local delivery couriers

  • Delivery time options

  • Your drop ship agreements with suppliers

  • Shipping items that have compliance requirements - such as restricted or dangerous goods that must be shipped from a certain warehouse or picked up in person from a certain location


Full visibility gives you added confidence

Infinity includes a dashboard that lets your head office team monitor the status of all orders and take action to be sure customers have an excellent experience. For example, if a customer changes their mind about their delivery method or an item is no longer available, you can choose a different location from which to deliver the item.


If you want to please customers from the beginning to the end of every sale without breaking the bank, contact us.

We’d love to show you everything that’s possible when Infinity optimises fulfilment, delivery and distribution for you.