The importance of upgrading Infinity

We’re constantly updating Infinity to keep pace with retail changes. Yet we know that some Infinity users often delay upgrading because they don’t think they have time or resources to do it, and they’re satisfied with Infinity as is.

Are you delaying your Infinity upgrades?

If you answered yes, you could be having a negative effect on your business processes and customer experience. Consider the reasons below for biting the bullet and embracing regular upgrades. And remember... if your favourite retail software was supposed to be frozen in time, we wouldn’t be innovating all the time!


Have the best possible software for your investment

Each Infinity release contains lots of new and exciting features as well as integrations, minor bug fixes and other enhancements. Each change is based on customer feedback or retail direction, so when you postpone an upgrade, you are widening the gap between you and your competition. Leverage your return on your investment and get the best version of Infinity available.


Boost user and customer experience

Upgrades are proven to boost the user’s experience. Removing older software’s annoying bugs keeps store staff motivated, more engaged and enthusiastic to try new features. Customer experience is enhanced as well because upgrades give you the opportunity to provide more payment and purchasing options to your customers, which can generate new and repeat business.


Current software = best support

Failure rates are lower for newer software which means fewer support calls and better user experience. We regularly update Infinity to make it compatible with software such as SQL, Windows and payment platforms.

When you do need support from us, having a more recent standard release can help considerably with issue resolution.


Cost of delaying

If you stick to an outdated version you will lose out on some amazing features that could drive your business forward. We recommend regularly upgrading to avoid the time and unforeseen expense of significant upgrades.


It’s included

If you have a maintenance contract with us, then the latest versions will be available at no extra cost.

Here to help

We offer a number of additional services to help you upgrade:

  • Technical training for you and your team to ensure you know the most efficient way to upgrade

  • Technical support to help you with the upgrade - whether that be additional resource to assist with testing or to deploy the upgrade for you

Infinity is constantly evolving and we want you to thrive and get the best return for your investment. After all, your competitors are not standing still. See what’s in the latest Infinity release and contact us today to start planning your next upgrade.