Why point of sale is not ‘just POS’

Someone recently told me that they had no doubts about how fast and resilient Infinity POS would be because of its extensive deployment within the fuel sector. That’s because in that environment, fast service is non-negotiable and there are usually very high transaction volumes to deal with.


That comment got me thinking about how POS systems are often overlooked and underestimated within a retail management system. With our emphasis on unified commerce and encouraging you to connect all your channels and engagement points to give customers the best experience, I realised that even I can take for granted the power of an ‘always on’, super-fast point of sale application that makes buying and selling simple.

In reality, so much of that great customer service still culminates at the till. In Australia, around 90% of sales are processed in-store, making it an important engagement point to get right.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when the very next day, I read the first impressions of one of Infinity’s newest clients. Our fantastic deployment and support partner, ECL Group, are in the final stages of deploying Infinity to 140 Caltex stations around New Zealand. Marc Brocherie, site manager at the Caltex Bishopdale service station, had this to say about Infinity:

“Transaction speed is now about twice as fast as before.”


Not only does this speed mean faster service for customers in an environment where they typically want to be in and out, Marc also noticed that it’s having an effect on customer behaviour because people are more likely to shop than jump into a queue.

The Infinity POS system has been developed and improved on over 20 years to be both powerful and easy to use. In addition to reliable performance under load, Infinity quickly transacts across many payment options: Cash, on account, split payments, finance terms, buy-now-pay-later, and electronic gift cards.

Making complex sales simple is our specialty and Infinity takes care of it all for fashion, furniture, department store, agriculture, telecommunications and grocery and beverage retailers.

Performance and availability

Infinity is also trusted for its availability. It’s always on. You can count on it to work in rural areas, through bad weather, power outages, whenever you need it. Marc at Caltex says,

“We’ve had no failures at Bishopdale, no lock ups. In three months, I’ve only called ECL once and that was to ask how to do something and they were really good.”

You can control everything from either head office or at store level to set pricing and promotion rules, permissions, return and refund validation, discounting and cash management. Simply put, Infinity POS reduces wait times and complexity so your employees can focus on the customer rather than on the transaction.

Marc sums up Infinity POS really well:

“From the system going live on site, the POS has worked a dream. The team all had it ‘down pat’ within a day, two max. I actually love the new system. It’s solid, stable and modern.”

Want faster, better customer experience in-store?

If it’s time to upgrade your POS to a system that’s reliable, flexible, and can help you offer more speed and convenience to your customers, contact us. We can do an audit of your current point of sale and show you the difference Infinity can make.