New in Infinity

Infinity's next release is packed full of new features. Read on to find out more about just some of these, and contact us for more detail.

*Infinity is a modular system and you may require additional components or licencing to access some functionality.

Branch clusters

Branch Clusters

Arrange branches into a hierarchy, grouping branches according to your business structure.  Managers of each cluster can set up, change, view and report on their own set of branches’ data, while limiting access to data for branches controlled by other managers.

This functionality is designed to give greater flexibility and control to businesses comprising

  • multiple brands or business units
  • franchise or multi-ownership structure
  • decentralised regional control
‘Branch Clusters gives you more flexibility in maintaining data and reporting for sets of stores; and greater control of sensitive information.’
Zeb Carnell, Business Analyst


Web Orders

Pick and pack

Pick, pack and deliver web orders at point of sale. This function enables orders made online to be processed for collection in store.  On picking, it updates the webstore with the status of the order.


Ecommerce solutions

SEO and social sharing

Drive more traffic to your site from organic searches in major search engines and the social networking feeds of your customers.

Integrate with Google

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Enhanced ecommerce

Track page impressions, conversion rates, and the effect lead times pricing and more have on sales.

External Shipping

External Shipping Providers

Enable optimisation for selection of carrier and carrier methods when shipping orders for web and store.

Scaleable search

Elastic search engine

Offers very fast, highly configurable and scalable search and indexing of web content.

Stock ordering


Supplier level reordering

Include or exclude individual suppliers from automatically generated purchase orders.  This function applies to purchase order creation methods min/max, sales since last PO, sales within selected date range, and demand forecasting.

Stock order forecasting

Stock order forecasting

Record lead time and reorder frequency by supplier for use in Infinity’s Demand Forecasting function.  Improve timeliness of your ordering by more accurately forecasting when inventory will be required based on how quickly your supplier can deliver it to you.

Stock receipting

Match Invoices

Match invoices, purchase orders and credit notes

Receipt items automatically by matching the invoice against one or more purchase orders.



Many-to-many invoice matching

The invoice matching function now supports many-to-many matches.  Select multiple invoices and multiple corresponding credit notes, supplier returns and purchase orders. As selections are made, cumulative totals change until the invoices, credits and purchase orders are within tolerance limits.

Supply Claims

Generate claims to supplier

Under-supply, over-supply or an overcharge is automatically identified when goods are receipted, generating a goods receipt and a claim document. Email these claims directly to the supplier.


Debtor Periods

Multiple debtor periods

Run end-of-period or individual debtors on a weekly fortnightly, or monthly basis to control and reduce credit exposure. 

Delivery Statements

Statement Delivery

Generate statements, and control which customers receive emailed or printed statements.

Stock adjustment

Correct stock levels by selecting multiple stock items to a stock adjustment at once.

Item master data enhancements

  • Generate compulsory barcodes for consistency of brand and presentation, preventing store staff from creating their own barcodes.
  • Make selected item-related fields on stock item records mandatory to ensure data required for your business is entered before the record is saved.
  • (Infinity designated mandatory fields such as Description and Price1 cannot be made non-mandatory. Extended Data fields cannot be made mandatory.)
  • Set up branch-specific extended data for stock items at Head Office to assign a different value to an item at different branches and control how extended data is handled on a branch-branch basis.
  • Manage and create item master data at branch cluster level.

Stock Take

Stocktake from POS

Stock take from POS

Conduct a stock take at point of sale.  Set the stocktake up at the Back Office or allow ad hoc stocktaking,  Stocktakes completed at POS are saved as a draft for review and completion at Back Office.

Stock Count

Stock count group

Assign items to a physical location within the store – such as a particular shelf – and then stock take that specific location.  Great for when a full stock take is not practical, it is designed to work with stocktake at POS.  

Transactional reports

Employee Performance

Employee Performance Reports

Dig deeper into size and average value of sale transactions by employee. View the information by branch and across a range of time periods.

User permissions

User permissions report

Determine the permissions which specific users and user groups have.  Run this report regularly to review whether previously set permissions are still appropriate.

Paypal integration

Process in-store refunds for web sale transactions paid for by Paypal.

Paypal Integration

Unattended manual installation

Perform an unattended manual installation for a simpler deployment with minimal user intervention.

Infinity ETL

Additional security features ensure only users with the right credentials make changes to data. Login permissions define which Infinity ETL functions are viewed and edited.

Infinity Loyalty

Infinity Loyalty

Automated offer generation

Generate customer offers based on a birthday, or on reaching a pre-defined number of points and make them available at point of sale and online.

Paid Membership

Paid membership

Offer customers a paid membership option, with accompanying premium promotions, offers and rewards to build engagement.

Tiered Customer Rewards

Tiered program

Offer customers recognition for reaching a pre-determined level of points with special pricing, promotions and rewards.

‘Deepen relationships with your highest value customers by recognising and rewarding them at a higher level.’
Nevin Betts, Business Analyst