Pop-up stores and your omnichannel strategy

How a temporary location helps build your business

Pop Up Retail

Like the name suggests, pop-up stores seemingly appear from nowhere, emerging overnight to occupy a vacant space. While the pop-up phenomenon seems to portray a vibe of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’, in reality retailers are increasingly including the pop-up stores into their omnichannel strategy.

Another plus is that these temporary retail gems are not confined to a fixed location. The flexibility really takes off when a brand extends its mobility by using trucks, portable kiosks, carts, and caravans to transport their message to their consumers.

Temporary locations bring long-term benefits

No longer the domain of dead stock and end-of-season lines, pop-up stores offer so much more than just a temporary solution. Think about some of these positive points for including a pop-up store in your business strategy:

  • Pop-up stores offer the opportunity to emerge from your ecommerce store, step offline and meet your customers in person. They are a physical touchpoint – another location and channel through which to tell your brand’s story.
  • If you’re launching a new brand or product, a pop-up store means you can get some real time feedback from consumers, together with the opportunity to view their body language and expressions.
  • Pop-up stores give the chance to try something a little bit different with packaging, visual merchandising, signage, and fixtures and fittings. You’ll be able to observe how your customers react, and track their buying behaviour using analytics.
  • Create an experience for your customers by introducing them to a memorable experience. Let them try a new product, set up interactive displays, or give them the opportunity to attend a workshop to learn a new skill aligned with your product.

Pop up with Infinity

With Infinity, setting up your pop-up store is a straightforward process! Aligning your temporary with fixed locations is easily achieved. You choose how to handle your temporary premises, managing everything from the point of sale process, onsite and offsite inventory, orders for goods not on hand, in addition to using analytics to understand and improve your business.

With Infinity you can:

  • Sell anywhere with flexibility, power, and speed. Take your POS to the customer, making the most of a mobile payment system which works at the till, on the floor, and wherever else it is required.
  • Manage inventory within your pop-up store, or across the entire store network, including ecommerce. Staff have instant access to stock location, whether it’s at the warehouse, on order, or at another store.
  • Keep up to date with your customer information, which is available and consistent across all your retail channels. Loyalty programmes, reward offers and other customer-specific data is readily at hand, ensuring your customers have a memorable shopping experience.
  • Ensure that pricing is consistent across all your retail locations, including your pop-up store.
  • Use Infinity Corporate Performance Management to analyse the sales, inventory, and customer data from all your retail channels. The Infinity CPM pre-set standard retail KPIs are important indicators of industry performance, enabling you to use the results to optimise inventory, price and promote effectively, and segment and engage customers.

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