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Infinity boosts Discount Tyres’ gross profit by four percent in a matter of months

“The results have been pleasing. The Infinity solution has been reliable and consistent, we enjoy using it, it’s simple, it’s fast and it’s accurate.” Ray Coyle, Owner

Discount Tyres is an established tyre services chain with branches throughout Auckland. It specialises in selling and servicing tyres including wheel alignments and puncture repairs. It also imports its own brand of tyre. The company has expansion plans and since it’s in a highly competitive industry, it needs the best systems for success.

After 35 years of operation, Discount Tyres’ existing management system was no longer keeping up with the demands of modern retail across a multi-site business. It was having issues with stock distribution and product pricing, making it difficult for staff to maintain margin while simultaneously offering customers high quality service. Discount Tyres needed a retail management system that would provide excellent stock level and distribution visibility which could be monitored and updated in real time. The team also needed a system that would be easy to use and robust for a workshop environment.

The Infinity solution

The Infinity system had all the features owner Ray Coyle and his team needed to streamline the business and boost profits. The whole process from data input to going live took less than a week to implement and Ray and his staff immediately began to see the benefits, especially since Infinity is quick to learn and easy to use.

With multiple branches that are serviced from a central warehouse, a major issue was having the right products in the right place at the right time. Infinity’s live reporting means that all stock levels and movements can be tracked and adjusted in real time.

"From my point of view at head office, the main attraction has been that I can get my finger on the pulse and know exactly where everything is live," says Ray.

With this increased visibility, Ray has moved business operations to just-in-time fulfillment and reduced inventory by $80,000. The savings have been reinvested into fast-moving product and items that are more profitable.

Infinity’s in-depth reporting has also shown an increase in margin.

"Infinity highlighted the product areas where we were not making enough margin because we were frightened to put the price up as we didn't think the market could stand it," explains Ray.

With Infinity, Ray and his team can adjust prices and stock levels on the fly in response to market fluctuations and moves by competitors, transforming the company's competitiveness while freeing up staff to provide excellent customer service. The result has been a four percent increase in gross profit in just a few months!

"Expansion plans are also easier to execute thanks to Infinity. It’s made it very easy to roll out a new store," says Ray.

Now it's simply a matter of installing storage racks and a new computer, loading the stock into Infinity and then the new store's performance can be tracked from day one.

"One of the features that really attracted us was the touchscreen hardware because we are in a male-dominated, dusty environment and sometimes the guys are quite hard on equipment so we needed something that was going to be robust and last!" Ray explains.

The results

Ray says the impact that the Infinity platform has had on the Discount Tyres brand has been 'huge'. "The introduction of Infinity has kept our stock very, very tight, we now have a uniform price across all branches, and we can adjust price in seconds if there is a movement by competitors or we introduce a new product to the market. It’s been very, very beneficial."

He concludes, “The results have been pleasing. The Infinity solution has been reliable and consistent, we enjoy using it, it’s simple, it’s fast and it’s accurate. And Triquestra has been great to deal with – the backup staff, the senior management, at all levels they have been very professional and easy to deal with."

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