Beauty Base


Infinity POS provides a powerful platform for growth

“The highly configurable software ... is easy to use and has obviously been developed by people who really understand retail.” Oleksiy Podopryhora, Senior IT Executive

Founded in 1973, Beauty Base is a multi-site retailer selling fragrance and beauty products. Their concept is based on open merchandising, enabling customers to self-select rather than rely on interaction with sales staff. With a relatively small surface area – compared to department stores in particular – Beauty Base can carry a vast range of product lines while giving its customers to ability to browse and choose quickly.

Beauty Base’s requirements

As the company looked to expand, it became clear that it needed a new POS system to enable growth. With each store using a different POS system, centralised management and control was virtually impossible. Extracting management information was time-consuming and prone to human error due to the manual stocktake and reordering systems. And because the data used was not real-time, it became out-of-date as fast as it was produced.

“With almost 16,000 products on our database, placing orders manually was incredibly difficult. So much of our management time was spent in store just to analyse our stock,” said Oleksiy Podopryhora, Senior IT Executive.

The Infinity solution

After an extensive review of POS systems from around the world, Beauty Base chose Infinity POS which is SAP integrated to SAP Business One.

With SAP Business One running the back end and accountancy systems, Infinity POS provides real-time sales and stock transaction data. This information passes seamlessly to the SAP Business One environment which means that live sales and stock data can be accessed by the management team from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, Infinity POS features a powerful management tool that enables Beauty Base to analyse performance data and respond to trends as they emerge. Any level of detail is available at the click of a mouse – from the performance of a particular stock item to the overall sales trend of a product line.

The results

“One of the main benefits of Infinity POS is the ease and accuracy with which we can extract management information. This means that our managers have more time to spend on the shop floor with our staff and our customers. They can focus on service and sales rather than data and reporting,” said Jalal Jhamany, Managing Director. “Our staff is more confident using Infinity POS – and so are we. The scope for manual error has been massively reduced.”

Rather than undertaking timely and complex stock counts, Infinity POS auto-replenishes and produces purchase orders. In addition, refund fraud has been all but eliminated. By scanning the barcode on the purchase receipt, staff know that the product is refunded at the actual sale price – and that each refund is only made once.

Jalal sums things up, “Infinity POS has given us the platform from which we can take our business forward. It is both scalable and affordable. We can see exactly what is going on in each store – at the moment it happens. We believe we have the most powerful inventory management software system around, one which will ensure that we maintain our competitive edge as we expand.”

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