Infinity supports WeChat Pay and Alipay in-store

Infinity now provides an integration with RoyalPay so Australian businesses can better serve customers from China.

What is RoyalPay?

RoyalPay is a 3rd party cross-border service that lets shoppers from China use payment apps such as Alipay, WeChat Pay or Best Pay to buy products and services in Australia.

With RoyalPay, you receive the full price of any sales up front, however customers can pay over time - making RoyalPay an attractive option. Because RoyalPay assumes any credit or fraud risk, layby issues are eliminated - such as high abandonment rates and the need to honour a reduced sale or discounted price after the layby of a fully-priced item.

RoyalPay supports Australian dollar (AUD) and Chinese yuan (CNY) transactions.

How does it work?

A customer visits your store or business and wishes to buy products or services. At checkout, they show their phone which has a QR code from one of the supported apps. That code is scanned into your Infinity POS, then the customer approves the sale on their phone and everything’s finalised.

To find out more about RoyalPay and how it works with Infinity, contact us.