Cue launches 3-hour online and store-to-door delivery with Infinity

Australian Financial Review reports Cue now offers free three-hour delivery throughout Australia.

This move helps Cue offer a quicker, more personalised experience and gives the company an advantage over retailers who don’t have physical stores.

Cue Retail

The Australian Financial Review spoke with Shane Lenton, Cue’s CIO about the new capabilities and what’s in store for the future. Read ‘Cue launches three-hour delivery, as local retailers take the fight to Amazon’ now.

These capabilities are backed by Infinity Unified Commerce. Infinity has made it possible for Cue to centralise all its inventory and customer data in one place for faster, more accurate transactions. All channels are connected - in-store point of sale, online and mobile - and Cue staff as well as customers can get a real-time view of what’s in stock.

Infinity RMS and API's

Because Infinity is an API environment, Cue has been able to implement these new services very quickly. In fact, Rob Hango-Zada, the co-chief executive of Shippit, Cue’s logistics software partner, said,

"Cue is one of the fastest retailers we've ever seen to roll out this tech to their fleet of stores. What took most retailers six to 12 months they've done in only one.”

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