New in Infinity

Infinity’s latest release is full of updates and enhancements for your unified commerce solution. Find out more below, or

Infinity is a modular platform and you may require additional components or licencing to access some functionality.



Split Shipment

Dynamically fill orders from the most optimal source.


Ship from store

Expand your inventory accessibility. Same day delivery across entire network, store to door, Kiosk and endless aisle.


Accounts Payable

Accounts payable in clusters

Manage supplier invoices, invoice matching, and payments for clusters of stores at head office.

Item master management


Add items, remove items, and forward date price changes for items and branches ranged in a cluster.

Rules Based Pricing


Global exclusion rules

Create global exclusion rules to ensure specific items are never discounted, no matter what rules are created. This is ideal for items such as gift cards with a specific value.


Prioritising product sets

Prioritise product sets to assist in speeding up POS when an item qualifies for many product sets.



Schedule tasks

Schedule a task to perform the overnight clean-up and batch update processing using the hidden automated mode in the Infinity start-up mechanism. These tasks are then completed prior to the beginning of the business day.

Branch Creation

Branch creation

Clone the configuration and products of an existing branch, and copy to a newly created store to speed up setup.


.net Framework

Infinity is now deployed with MSSQL 2014 SP2 and uses .NET 4.6 Framework



Branch specific import & export

Import item updates for multiple branches from a single spreadsheet with the branch specific import & export function.


epay integration

Infinity epay integration

Experience new and faster workflows at POS when selling epay products and redeeming epay gift cards.


web based indexing standards

Receive structured data on webpages to support machine-based indexing such as SEO search bots with standards.

MS Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN

Experience optimised content delivery using the Microsoft Azure CDN platform.

Transaction reports


Supplier claims report

Track credit claims against a supplier.


Rules Based Pricing effectiveness report

Identify items purchased in a promotion, and items in a promotion which did not sell as part of the promotion.


Sales and net profit report

Combine sales, stock loss and shrinkage to provide an adjusted profit report.


Pick date ranges in Crystal reports

Select this month, last month and trading* days using the date range pickers within Crystal reports.

*Trading days requires the trading day cash management module.



Mobile applications for dashboards

Access published dashboards via dedicated mobile applications for android and iOS to swipe, drill and tap through the dashboard data.


Dashboards and storyboards 

Control the data staff see by building dashboards and storyboards in SDM, enabling them to view and explore data within their areas of influence without being distracted by areas which are off limits.