Top Tips for Infinity Techs

Install, configure and support Infinity like the experts!

If you’re involved in technical aspects of Infinity, here are three tips to boost your knowledge base.

Licence Activation File

When you receive a licence activation file (an IRD file), paste it directly into the C:\InfinityPOS folder on your BOS or HOS. The next time Infinity is started, the new licence will be automatically be picked up.

Print Layouts

Did you know you can print a different set of information for each item on a receipt by editing the print layouts? I’ve shown this in the following example using ‘fuel’ and ‘lemonade’, where normal stock, fuel, produces one type of line on the receipt and lemonade produces a different line.

Network status

Press CTRL+A to find out the status of your network and whether your BOS or POS is linking.

For more information and control on linking and network status, the Branch Control Module offers a dashboard based control panel for the management of multistore networks.

I deliver training and certification courses to assist technical teams in making the most of Infinity, so if you have any further queries or questions, contact me here.