New Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App

Personalising your customer’s experience is now even more flexible, with Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App.

On the road, at shows or conferences, or instore during peak sales periods, Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App allows you to serve your customers efficiently, all from your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

Suitable for your account customers, it makes the most of all sales opportunities, enabling on-the-go quotes and charge-to-account orders in real-time.

Personalise customer experience

As part of the Infinity Unified Commerce platform, transactions take a seamless journey where quotes and orders are available in all channels and in near real time. Quotes are generated, and can be accessed and converted instore, in your call centre, or online. Quick order fulfilment and an immediate response to any queries allow transactions to be completed with superb efficiency.

Imagine searching for products with photos, price, and availability and then creating quotes and charge-to-account orders, completing the transaction by emailing the invoice to your customer – there and then.

Ipad and unified commerce

Or treating your customer to a truly personalised conversation using the information you’ve accessed through the Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App, such as credit and account relationship details, current and previous orders, and loyalty data.

Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App also holds each customer’s pricing schemes, so if discounts are in place the benefits will be calculated as the order is processed.

With Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App there’s the opportunity to build on your relationship with your account customers and curate details to cater for the specific situation and environment.

If Infinity Mobile Quotes & Orders App isn’t right for you, we can build one specifically for you with the features you need, or your developers can innovate directly on the Infinity platform.