Meet the team: Kieran O'Regan - Support Team Lead

At Triquestra, our vision is to enable you to engage relevantly, reliably and seamlessly with your consumers.   We have a team of great people working to achieve this every day. These profiles are to introduce our people so you can learn more about them.  

Along your journey with TQ, you'll no doubt encounter our Support Team. They are the group of Analysts who have the same goal as you - to keep your business working and evolving!  


Leading the team is Kieran O'Regan, who champions the team with a strong ethos of competence, communication, and culture.  

Kieran arrived at Triquestra from 6 years at TelstraClear and Vodafone. While his previous life in consumer telecommunications gave him great skills for his new role, he was starting from scratch getting to know Infinity.

"It's important to remember our work has a real impact on a customer's day. Clear communication and efficiency is essential, and I've also learned how vital it is to follow up and 'close the loop' with a customer."  

Kieran says not a day has gone by where he hasn't learned something new, or been challenged in some way, shape, or form.  

"There's certainly a feeling of accomplishment! Although not tangible, there is a recognition I've conquered the doubts and fears which come with entering an unfamiliar environment filled with a language and logic that once was foreign to me."  

The daily schedule is always a bit hard to predict, says Kieran, with issues sent their way ranging from the simple and straightforward to the absolutely mind-bending.  Observing the work that goes into these challenges is part of the appeal of his role, says Kieran.

"A good Support Analyst has that drive to get to the root of a problem, and the hunger to fix something that isn't working as it should. Seeing the reaction and accomplishment on their faces tells me that not only are they doing what they love, but they're learning and developing along the way."  

Before his foray into the tech industry, Kieran worked as a chef - perhaps one of the best professions to learn about what makes a dynamic and successful team culture.  

"I still miss it from time to time, more so when I’m out in a restaurant and can see the chefs working away hard in the kitchen. There was always a feeling of camaraderie in a kitchen; everyone’s got each other’s back, because if you don’t, on any given night the ship could sink!  I work hard to emulate that culture within my team"  

Kieran's a big fan of his local Auckland foodie scene, eating out as often as he can and penning his thoughts on Zomato.  Just like with food, Kieran says his role at TQ is all about instilling a sense of balance.  

"Maintaining a fun and jovial culture within the team is a must, but at the same time making sure the team is customer focused, operationally aware and know when to put their foot on the pedal!"