Infinity releases first POS Afterpay integration

We are thrilled to announce Infinity is first to integrate with Afterpay at point of sale, making it available in-store as well as online.

Already available with Infinity eCommerce, the Infinity POS integration extends Afterpay, an attractive alternative to layby to all channels.  

With Afterpay, customers are able to buy and take what they want instantly, and pay for it over time. You receive the full price of the sale up front. 

The in-store POS functionality optimises the experience for both your sales people and customers, ensuring efficiency and speed of payment.  

Customers shop as normal and then commit to four interest free payments, one every two weeks.  Afterpay immediately settles with you, assuming any credit or fraud risk. This eliminates issues associated with layby such as high abandonment rates and the need to honour a reduced sale or discounted price after the lay-by of a fully-priced item.

Afterpay has been demonstrated to:

  • generate more sales to existing and new customers who like to shop now and pay later
  • increase basket size and repeat purchase rates
  • reduce risk of end-customer non-payment for every single transaction, providing peace of mind for the retailer
*Afterpay is only available in Australia

To learn more about how to introduce Afterpay to your physical and ecommerce stores with Infinity