Growing for a cause – the finale!

Growing for a cause

There’s a certain amount of sophistication about a man who wears a moustache.  

It adds ruggedness, accentuates cheekbones, his eyes, the windows to his soul seem suddenly darker and more mysterious, and wisdom, how did he get so wise all of a sudden?  

It’s easy to romanticise about Movember, we convince ourselves it’s going to be cool to have a Mo, we conjure images of Tom Selleck and 1950’s American gangsters in pin stripe suits, by the end of the month we’re a closer resemblance to a second hand car salesman. But ……… This is not why we participate in Movember is it?  This is not a project in vanity!

We take this challenge on board to raise awareness and money for men’s health, specifically, testicular, prostate cancer and depression.  So many of our good men are falling victim to these horrible diseases, we stand by our fellow Mo bro’s. 

With such a great cause it was time to rally the fellas at Triquestra, hide the razors and shaving foam for the month and get on with some serious growing.  The fellas were pumped to be on board, nearly everyone’s first reaction was, “what style will I grow?”, this is where the fun begins! We had an abundance of Handlebar Mo’s, a couple of Fu Manchu’s, also some thick and unbridled Chevron’s. 

Mens Health

The initial goal was to raise $1,000, the team hit this total on the 14th of Movember.  To up the ante, we set a new goal of $2,000, we hit this 9 days later on the 23rd Movember, amazing stuff! Well, we couldn’t possibly raise another $1,000 in 7 days could we?  You’re darn right we could! Progress updates were sent on a daily basis with cheers of support and congratulations flowing along the way.

Mo Bros

Team MOquestra finished up with a grand total of $3,180.  A great example of team work, rallying the support of friends and family and spreading that amazing feeling of giving.

Mo Sistas

We will see each other next year fellow Mo Bro’s!