Third generation MercuryPay integration makes its entrance

Infinity welcomes its third generation integration with the MercuryPay payment system.

With new functionality and EMV compliance taken care of, this integration enhances Infinity’s extensive payment options, giving US retailers the flexibility and certainty they need.

Mercury Pay

The integration supports EMV-related transactions and new devices. The dual integration also continues to support legacy devices and transactions of previous integrations not yet supported in EMV.

The MercuryPay integration – an ‘out of scope’ payment solution - utilises middleware provided by Datacap solutions. It provides the following transaction types:

  • Payment processing
    • Debit
    • Credit
    • Contactless
    • EBT
    • Chip and Signature
  • Gift cards
  • Token 
  • Gratuity management
*MercuryPay is only available in the United States


Infinity works with payment processors in six countries.


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