However you shop ~
Infinity makes it seamless


Implemented as a complete retail system - or part of your existing system - Infinity runs effortlessly across physical and online channels, giving your customers a true omnichannel experience and offering you an unsurpassed view of your business.


Omnichannel Customer Journeys

Let us put it all together for you

Point of Sale

Easy to use and very fast for selling, accessing stock and customer information, and handling returns, Infinity POS works at any fixed or mobile location.


Beautifully designed, Infinity Web Store uses the same transactions, product, pricing and customer data as your physical stores, enabling a seamless shopping experience.

Customer Management

Create points-based loyalty programmes and data-driven promotions that can be redeemed online and in-store. View purchase and browsing data on the fly to provide very relevant offers.


Inventory Management

Optimise inventory cost by forecasting demand based on historical sales trends, and predict the most effective pricing and promotions to increase sell through without compromising margin.

Order Management

Customers will appreciate the same experience and pricing wherever they are or however they shop with you because Infinity gives them the ability to research and transact in any channel. 


Reveal useful information very quickly to recommend relevant products, compare store performance, find your most effective pricing and loyalty strategies, pinpoint dead stock and so much more. Infinity CPM turns data into insight.


Talk to us about your customer’s journey and we’ll share how Infinity can work for you.